NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Version 2.20 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™. This release includes the ability to assign clients a priority level and perform searches based on multiple criteria options.

New reports regarding client wills and unpaid fees have also been added.

Version 2.19 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™. This release includes new age range and birthday reports that are available to users logged in at Adviser level.

Version 2.18 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™. Additional filtering added to show clients/prospects which are not assigned to an adviser or an administrator.

Version 2.17 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™.
Windows Vista Windows Vista
Mortgage Tracker is now compatible with Windows Vista.

Version 2.16 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™. Includes full functionaility for processing fees entered into the system.

Mortgage, Insurance, Travel or virtually any client fee can now be entered and tracked even if it is not directly related with a mortgage.

The fees processing also includes new reports for tracking payments received, missing and short-falls. To view the many new reports click here to view the additions PDF.

Login audit functionaility added as a security feature so that users logging in or out of the system are now fully recorded.

Version 2.15 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™. This release focuses on increasing speed/performance on slow systems when first logging in and whilst browsing certain screens over a Local Area Network connection.

Version 2.14 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™. This release incorporates functionality to select and print mailing labels directly from the system.

Version 2.13 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™. The following new administrative features have been added:

Main Menu
Adviser button has been changed to ‘User’ to accommodate the new function for Administrator level users.

User Screen
There are two tabs on this screen so you can navigate between the Adviser and Administrator databases. When an Adviser is logged in the Administrator tab is hidden from view.

Administrator Screen
The Administrators can be added and given a log in name.

When an Administrator is logged in there is an option to filter the ‘Hotlist’ so they can either see tasks allocated to themselves or tasks allocated to everyone.

When the name of an Administrator is selected the buttons across the top of the screen show the number of mortgage processes allocated to them. i.e.’ Active Cases’, ‘Completed Cases’ etc. Clicking the button will reveal the list of clients and processes which can then be double clicked to go to the process screen.

Client/Prospect Screen
The ‘Filter List’ now has the ‘Filter by User’ option added. The filter when selected will show the list of clients/prospects allocated to the adviser or administrator.

Mortgage Process Screen – ‘Mortgage Details’ Tab
There is an additional field named ‘Administrator’ with a drop down box to select which administrator has been allocated that particular mortgage process.

The ‘Status Report’ on that screen has been updated to show the administrator that has been allocated.

The hotlist has been updated to reflect the addition of the ‘Administrator’.

When an ‘Administrator’ logs in they have the option to view either all activities for all mortgages or the option to view only activities allocated to them. The printed hotlist show who the adviser and administrator is and who the task has been allocated to.

Animated Tutorials
Two new animated tutorials have been added to the disk to help with administrator functions and filtering.

The following new reports have also been incorporated as requested by our clients:
  • (Clients – Completed) All Advisers: Client Completion Grouped by Administrator. This report can also be filtered to a specified administrator.
  • (Clients – In Progress) All Advisers: Client Progress List Grouped by Administrator. This report can also be filtered to a specified administrator.
  • (Clients – All) All Advisers and Selected Adviser: App Submitted - Client List Filtered by Lender. This report shows a list of mortgage applications submitted by a date range you specify. The report can be filtered to view by a specified adviser and/or lender.
  • (Clients – All) All Advisers: Age Range – By Specified Age Range Input. This report shows a list of clients within any specified age range you input.
  • (Clients – All) All Advisers: Birthday List – By Number of Days Ahead. This report shows a list of clients with a Birthday coming up in the number of days ahead that you specify.
  • (Prospects) All Advisers: No Prospect Process Entered. Identifies the prospects where contact information has been entered but no further information or next contact activity.
  • (Prospects) All Advisers: Prospect Progress List Grouped by Administrator. This report shows a list of prospects where additional details have been entered about previous mortgages held. Also the last contact history item that has been entered as well as any activities that have been scheduled ahead.
Version 2.12 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™. This release incorporates minor background changes to improve performance when generating large reports.

Version 2.11 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™, which incorporates the following new features:
  • Report of reports - used for viewing all reports available and their description.
  • New design of Register screen for quick online Produck Key renewal.
  • Added CID (Company ID) field to Preferences screen.
  • Version checking to ensure all network clients have the same version of SMT installed.
The following new reports have also been incorporated as requested by our clients:
  • Archived Mortgage Process.
  • Offer Letter Expiry Dates.
  • Offer Letter Expiry Dates - Grouped by Lender.
  • Paid Adviser Fees.
  • Paid ASU Fees.
  • Paid General Fees.
  • Paid Life Fee.
  • Paid Other Fees.
  • Paid Procuration Fees.
  • Paid Procuration Fee - Grouped by Lender.
  • Paid Solicitor Fee.
All of the new reports have the ability to filter by individual advisers.

Version 2.10 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™, which incorporates minor background changes to make the system even more reliable.

Version 2.09 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™, which incorporates the following features as requested by our clients:
  • The Quick Contact tab on the Client screen and Next Contact field on the Mortgage Details screen have been reintroduced as well as the ability to view more notes text at a glance and edit the Contact History.
  • Notification button on Mortgage Details screen of any outstanding activities to do.
  • Automatic recording of a Contact History item when a letter is sent from SMT.
Version 2.08 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™, which incorporates the following new reports as requested by our clients:
  • App Submitted - Classification - Compare Advisers.
  • App Submitted - Client List - Fees Breakdown.
  • App Submitted - Clients Grouped by Introducer - Fees.
  • App Submitted - Fees by Classification.
  • App Submitted - Grouped by Lender - Loans - Compare Advisers.
  • App Submitted - Introducer - Classification - Fees.
  • App Submitted - Introducer Sources - Fees.
  • App Submitted - Introducer Sources - Loans.
All of the new reports have the ability to filter by individual advisers.

Version 2.07 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™, which contains the following new features: Activities Calendar:
  • The Activities calendar allows you to schedule your (and other users') tasks directly from within Calendar view, in addition to allowing you to see at a glance your tasks for the day.   Have a look at the Calendar animation so see how this feature works.
Marketing Screen:
  • When you wish to send marketing letters to more than one client, there is now the facility to select or deselect all the clients shown in one click, instead of having to select/deselect each one individually.
IDD and KFI:
  • Initial Disclosure Document and Key Facts Illustration are new date fields on the mortgage process screen to accomodate the recent changes in the mortgage industry.
Next Contact/History:
  • The facility to have multiple ‘next contact’ dates and the contact reason for each mortgage case being processed, as well as being able to allocate an activity to anyone who has permission to log into Solidata Mortgage Tracker™.
Offer Expiry Date:
  • A new field on the mortgage process screen to input a date when the ‘offer letter’ expires. Notification of offer letters expiring will appear on your ‘Hotlist’ when launching SMT.
Add new Lender, Estate Agent, Solicitor, Company:
  • These can now be added directly from the Mortgage Process screen if they are not already in the drop down lists.
Report List Customisation:
  • Due to the ever-increasing number of reports, we have added a new function that will allow you to hide reports so that you will only see your favourite reports in the list. This will allow you to find a report much more quickly.
Add New Mortgage Process:
  • A client that has more than one mortgage in the system and wanted to add another mortgage caused the system to freeze when clicking the ‘new’ button. This has now been fixed.
Version 2.06 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™ contains a change in the report entitled Mortgage Application Submitted and Proc Fees - Listed by Client. Previously the report did not list clients in which a product had not been specified; however, this has now been rectified and clients will appear in the report regardless of whether the product has been specified or not.

Version 2.05 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™ includes all the new features of v2.04 in addition to the following: Check for Updates:
  • The facility will now be included once you have installed this version, to get your updates directly from the Solidata web site as they become available. The advantage to you is that updates can be released more frequently when, for example, new reports or additional functionality is added. Users with a slow connection or users without the Internet can still receive update disks through the post.
Request to Change Password:
  • Users will be able to decide the frequency with which they need to change their password, or indeed the option never to change the password at all.
Tab Order in Client Contact History:
  • This is a small change - when tabbing between fields in the Contact History, the tab order has now been corrected.
ALSO AVAILABLE... SMT Importation Wizard Application:
  • This useful application is a free add-on for Solidata Mortgage Tracker™ which will allow users to import existing client data from Mortgage Brain in a few clicks of the mouse. The application will offer you the choice of which records to import and will check for possible duplicates. In addition, using Mortgage Brain's own import facility, you will be able to import data from CSV files by mapping the fields with Mortgage Brain then importing the records into the application which can then, in turn, be imported into Solidata Mortgage Tracker™.
Version 2.04 of Solidata Mortgage Tracker™ incorporates the following new features: Installation Change:
  • The installation process has been updated so that multiple users on the same PC will have access to Solidata Mortgage Tracker™ as soon as they log on.
Clients and Prospects:
  • A tick box for the use of formal or informal names in client correspondence
  • 'Exclude from Marketing' tick box for clients who have expressed that they do not want further info OR for introducers who will be following up their own clients. A report showing these excluded clients can also be generated.
  • A filter button so you can filter out imported data in readiness for the new importation software to be released by Solidata shortly.
  • Smokers - additional field to show whether clients are smokers or not.
  • Income - a new tab for income - salary, guaranteed overtime and regular overtime.
Mortgage Process Screen:
  • A new field for exchange of contract date and some reports based on this new field.
  • The contact history date now has the time added to it so that multiple contacts in one day can be listed in the right order.
  • Larger text box so that more detail can be put in for the contact history.
  • All letters have been formatted to allow for formal or preferred name(s) of client as selected on the client and prospect screen.
  • In-progress mortgages now have a date range to allow the user to see if adviser and company targets are being met within a certain time scale.
  • Combined data reports for completed and in-progress mortgages have been modified to reflect the changes made in the above section.
  • Report footers have the name of the users’ company shown.
  • All reports now have a description of what is going to be produced and also which field is used for the date range.
Offer Letter Service Standard:
  • There is now an option to input the number of days for your company's service standard for generating a lender's offer letter. New reports show the number of days taken from submission to offer letter and whether your service standard was met or not.
  • Passwords need only be changed once every three months now instead of every month.